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Welcome to my website.

I created this site to share with you what I have discovered, learned, experienced, tested, and proven. Everything you will see, read, and encounter here are and will all be based on my own experience and actuality. 

I hope that in the same manner as these experiences have touched and boost my well-being, it could also do the same to you.

I am dedicating this to all the people who have walked in and walked out of my life, but most of all, to those who stayed.

"Anything you take in excess is not good..."

Physical Therapy Corner

Physiotherapist Abroad

Taking the NPTEi

Continuing Education Units

Nursing Career


World of Wellness


Lean & Fab

Hoodia Species

Wheatgrass Series



"...true happiness comes from within, boosted by good health and great sense of well-being. "

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